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No Mistakes!

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Teena Jones
Life Coach and Healer!!
When you continue to judge yourself for the decisions that you`ve made in the past, that energy will manifest more things for you to feel bad about. This becomes a never-ending cycle of mistakes and self-punishment which prevents you from living a full and happy life.
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Nothing is mistake
This one was a GREAT ONE! It brought chills to me in a good way. This is exactly what I needed to hear today. I sometimes beat myself up mentally over the past and it’s exhausting. I choose to let it go. Nothing is a mistake, I’m exactly where I’m meant to be and some of those things that happened in my past brought me to this very moment. To accept, love and appreciate myself.
How to fight ego?
Thank you very much, Teena, for that session! Exactly my issue! I am wondering if it is possible to learn how to pinch your ego, fight it, to prevent from making the mistakes, ruining perhaps family, as at times it is so strong… makes you blind.
I'm not a mistake
My Mom always told me I was a mistake growing up. To hear you say there are no mistakes meant a great deal to me. I didn't even know what illegitimate meant! Your lesson really taught me that I need to adjust the way I handle my emotions when I don't do or say what I feel I should. I do get down on myself. Not for long though!Because of all you've taught me! I love you Teena. I was telling a friend about the luxurious baths you take. Maybe you could tape a session on ideas of how to create a luxurious bath! I would love that. 🛁
Feeling seen
Wow, I teared up a bit throughout this. Today was that day I felt myself falling back into thinking about my past mistakes and doubting myself a bit. It was meant for me to come across this. I look forward to see what other sessions Teena has as I felt a connection to help guide me through these tough moments.
Stop judging my past decisions
I need to let go of my "mistakes". They happened because they had to. I made those decisions with what I knew then. And now that I know better, I can say to myself: I forgive you, for making that choice. You made it with how you felt in that moment. It was the best you could do at that time. Everything is allright, just as it was supposed to happen.
I feel blessed that I don’t do mistakes . Every moment is a lesson and I am the best version of myself. Thank you coach for reminding me how brilliant I really am 🫶🙏