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New Year Affirmations

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Dr. Toni
Physical Therapist, Energy Practitioner
The new year is a wonderful time to release all of the negative thoughts and emotions that have been crowding your mind and body while inviting the thoughts and emotions that will build you up, bring healing, and create a foundation for growth in the upcoming year. Happy New Year, Beloveds.
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Begin Anew
The New Year is a wonderful time to do an inventory of our life and see what is working and what isn’t working. To look at ourselves and begin anew. One way to begin anew is through the process of repeating affirmations. Affirmations are nuggets of empowerment. When we repeat them with conviction, meaning when we say them from our heart, they have the powerful ability to transform how we see ourselves. In this meditation, Dr. Toni designed these profound affirmations to have us let go of the past, empower us to live for today and give us hope for the future. After repeating these powerful affirmations, I felt like a breath of sunshine has filled my entire being. Releasing any and all doubt, I breathed in confidence. Releasing any and all fear, I breathed in love. Trusting that all of my life experiences work for my highest good, I am thankful for everything that has ever happened in my life. Knowing that my future is created in the Now, I allow love, peace and abundance into my Now. I am Love. I am Peace. today, I choose to begin anew! Thank you for these profound affirmations, Dr. Toni! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
I need calm
Forgive yourself, you are not your mistakes. Leave the fear, embrace love. Let the past go, welcome future
I am love
I am learning that fear blocks not only new experiences, but love. So if I can drop fear and lead with love, I feel more at peace and capable in my daily life.
January 4
 I went to bed angry last night. I went to a show with Laura. The show was OK but I have worked all day. It was an hour to drive there an hour drive back that was tired and I was hungry. I went to bed as soon as I got home, I didn’t say good night to anyone. I just went straight to bed this morning I bad headache, I don’t know it was the glass of cider I drink or if it’s the fact that I’m trying to stay away from sugar but I’ve taken Tylenol this morning trying to get through my morning. 
Great reminder that each day is a new opportunity to create or change. 🤩
I have the power to choose how I feel and what I will be for this day.
Slow down
I realize I need more time to reflect on phrases shared by a presenter.
I am peace, I am love, I am confidence, I am present, I am now. 💜
I learned that yesterday is not where my focus needs to be. Just today, now, and forward.
I needed this affirmation meditation. Been going through a nasty breakup & this gave me hope this morning!
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