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New Beginnings and A Fresh Start!!

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Teena Jones
Life Coach and Healer!!
When something goes wrong we often become fearful and begin to worry. In today's session, I am going to show you how to change the narrative and begin to get happy when things leave your life. Whether it's a relationship, your job, or finances, or your health after today's session you will begin to celebrate when things go wrong because you know that good is just around the corner. Cheers!
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Happening for you…..
……not to you. I love this! It’s really adjusted my mindset this morning. Thank you 💛
A Door Closes, A Window Opens
You are a true genius! I loved the “New beginnings are often described as unhappy endings” comment. This whole thing is SO spot on! We get what we give, and when it feels like nothing then it’s time to assess what energy we’re putting out into the universe. Are we anticipating good things to happen while expecting the bad? That thinking blocks our ability to receive the good so we get depressed and spiral lower. You deserve a peace prize. I’m blown away by your work and I have two psych degrees and many many years of experience with mindfulness and the power of positive thinking- but you’re the spice that was always missing from the message fries! Keep it coming! I can only imagine how many lives you are affecting.