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Never Mind Your Mind (Introduction)

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Reuben Lowe
ACT Therapist & Spiritual Life Coach
When we wake, it starts. Like a faulty radio inside our heads. Shifting from one channel to the next. Sometimes it gets stuck on one channel. The channel that you really don’t want. And because you really don’t want that channel, you become more and more caught up in it. The mind. It can be helpful. But only sometimes. When we buy into the automatic thoughts that pass through our heads, they can bring us feelings of fear, inadequacy, frustration, and more. But the secret is, this is not just you. It’s about everybody! Never Mind Your Mind is about being part of the change that’s going on in the world right now. One way of doing this is by taking our thoughts less seriously.
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Change the Channel
Once we wake up our mind is like a radio going through different channels. Sometimes it gets stuck on a channel that we don’t want leaving us feeling frustrated, inadequate, stressed, and depressed. One change that we can make is when these thoughts pop up is not to take them seriously. In this course, Reuben gives an introduction of how he will help us to do this. I am definitely going to check this out.
jess 🧡
the mind
by not getting caught up in our own minds and taking some time to ourselves for relaxation, we can strengthen ourselves :)
Never mind your mind
I'm excited to learn more. To not take my thoughts so seriously. It sounds excellent!