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Cass Carlopio
Sleep Expert, Psychologist & Meditation
This Zen story demonstrates the steady presence of neutrality. 
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Another story about fate & destiny 🕉
Sometimes it’s better to just wait and see how things play out instead of trying to get back what you had, maybe you should just go with it and see where it lead you.🙏
Day 6
Sometimes it is better to wait and see how things play out instead of forcing them into your favor. That is what the lesson on this story is about. It can be calming to let things play out, instead of stressing over how they will work. It may be good to be neutral once in a while. “Just let things play out, what’s supposed to happen will happen.”
Good luck,bad luck, who knows?
Iced herd this under the title above. It’s still one of my favorites. Seemingly good, seemingly bad, it’s all perspective.
A Story of Neutrality
I love this story because it is explains how life can really throw you back and forth day by day and it’s best to just keep an open mind about it.
Walter J
Being able to rise above an incident and accept things ‘as they are’ has only taken me about 12 years to be able to do regularly! Most recent example, I went out of town for the recent Independence Day celebration. Stayed with my son & his wife in their condo. Came down yesterday morning and someone had gotten in my car and stolen my wallet. I did not get angry like my son, nor worry like my daughter-in-love. Instead, I just expressed gratitude by calmly thanking my credit card companies that had already declined several attempted purchases, filed a police report with my daughter-in-law’s brother who is on the local force and started looking forward to getting a new wallet. It was pretty old and worn out anyway... Another 12 years and maybe I will have it perfected. Accept things as they are and look for the silver lining! ❤️🙏🏼🍀
Cassandra, great read! Lucky, maybe! Unlucky, maybe! Sane, maybe! Insane, maybe! Neutral, yes! Thanks.
Neutrality and detachment feels good and makes sense. Joy isn’t always the thing to strive for.