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Neural Programming- Self Affirmations

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Joe Verona
Brainwave Entrainment Hypnotist
Using brainwave entrainment allows you to create your own hypnosis session using affirmations and visualizations of your choice. As you start the session, use any relaxation or breathing technique if you like. The music will guide you to a relaxed, suggestible state. When you hear a chime alert, begin repeating affirmations to yourself, or visualize the outcome you wish to manifest. Keep affirmations positive, and limited to no more than 5 at a time. Visualize as if you were watching a movie. At the end of the session, you will hear the music speed up. This is when you can reinforce your programming with a post-hypnotic suggestion eluding that the change has already taken place and all is perfect. Encoded with Audiostrobe light signals.