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Neptune & Athena Hold A Naming Contest

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Christina & Darrin
Love Coach & Therapist
In this bedtime tale, you’ll hear about the day the Greek gods Neptune and Athena appear in a brand-new hilltop town and challenge each other to a contest. The winner gets to bestow their godly name on the town and become its devoted protector. Each offers a glorious gift if they are chosen, but the choice lies with the people on the hilltop. Be inspired by this sweet tale of new beginnings, even while the story's calming tone sends you right off to dreamland. (Based on "The Horse and the Olive" by James Baldwin. Adapted by Christina McMahon) www.christina-mcmahon.com
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Nice but...
The Greek god of the sea is Poseidon, Neptune is his Roman form. Minerva is Athena’s Roman form so Neptune and Athena are both Olympians but from different times, Athena from Greece and Neptune from Rome. Otherwise amazing!!! Loved it!
Classic major here
What everyone else said. It should be Poseidon and Athena. You can’t really just take the Roman deity and the Greek deity and stick them together....
Mary Jane
Relax &sleep
This story not only helps me relax and sleep. It gives me a sense of wonder that there might be a community or village of people who will all see wisdom and beauty of nature most beneficial for present and future life.