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Negativity Bias

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Cass Carlopio
Sleep Expert, Psychologist & Meditation
In this track we explore the negativity bias and how it plays out in our daily life. By becoming aware of it, understanding its function and role, we can identify it and not be run by it.
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9 reflections
Negativity Bias
Negativity bias is a natural instinct, but learning to recognize it and realize when it is being mid-placed is extremely important.
My negativity bias is in full force right now. I feel very emotionally threatened with Courtney here because of how much energy her presence takes from the room. I’m scared things are going to be like last time. I don’t want Steve to resent me for enforcing my boundaries. I need to be strong enough to be supportive of him and help him to be strong enough to not enable her again. It’s only been 16 months since she was here last time. That almost ended us. I’m thankful he’s been more open about his struggle with this. I’m thankful for having steve in my life. I don’t want to lose him... and I do when Courtney’s problems once again become his problems.
If I had Known
I learned no one teaches us about the negativity bias. Had I learned this lesson as a child it would’ve saved years of therapy 😁
New descriptive term-Negative Bias
I was happy to learn a new term to understand the negativity and recognize it is used to protect from some situations and hurtful people.
I wasn’t aware of or even knew about the negative biast!! I like learning new things
I learned negative bias t. Omg I should be able to write what I want!’n
Negative bias
Interesting. Need to teach to my whole family as that is often the response. I notice it for my health anxiety but not so much for other anxieties.
Negativity bias- the brain’s job!
Just like my doggo barks when an unfamiliar person enters our space,!my brain produces a negativity bias when something it interprets is threatening.
Negativity Maybe not so
This was a helpful example and enjoyable listening I find how I do swim in negativity and have to flip the switch or just check in with myself and see if I’m being extra negative and offputting because I am alarmed afraid about something else or. So recognizing the bias isn’t so much about him learning or learning as just recognizing taking a breath pausing and asking Myself a question
Negativity bias
From long ago we were wired to have a healthy negativity bias to keep us safe and alive, in the modern world we no longer need to be constantly concerned with external threats to our well being but for some of us this part of our brain is still very active and throws up issues in our lives when we come across new things