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Negative Automatic Thoughts (NATS) Introduction

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Cass Carlopio
Sleep Expert, Psychologist & Meditation guide
This is an introduction to the CBT concept of Negative Automatic Thoughts (NATs). Starting to understand and identify NATs is key to self awareness, and the starting point for making meaningful changes in our lives. As these NATs are occurring regularly and are so familiar to us, we often don't notice them for what they are.
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5 reflections
I do have a lot of negative thoughts .
Automatic Negative Thoughts I have to realize that it is not healthy and it is taking a toll on my life.
Having a lot of negative thoughts
I do tend to have quite a bit of negative thoughts throughout the day. Most happen when the process of something is going slow or I’m not seeing any results automatically
Very helpful.
I have a lot of NATs throughout my day, and sometimes they can cause a pretty extreme anxiety reaction. I need to get better at stopping them from escalating to the point where I upset myself.
I like that we call them NATS bc to me it made so much sense bc that’s just it, the are just as annoying as the bug they are named after!
Friday nights
I feel calmer. My energy is more open to my husband and I don’t start from a place of fear. His energy has also been slightly calmer than the usual end of week binge drink and scream at strangers on the internet (or pick fights with me).