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Nature Sounds for the Ears

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Irene Zwaan
Hypnotherapist & Energy Healer
Let's start listening with our ears ....whats happening around us? Not getting stuck in our thoughts. Notice the birds nature sounds around us....enjoy!
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Take a moment to listen. Listening to the souds makes a feel calm Try and feel....
Surrender to the sounds of nature
Just surrendering to the beautiful sounds of nature and letting Irene guide me through this relaxing meditation. I just finished my lower back exercises and was lying on my yoga mat, it was a very calming experience and I did a little stretching 🙆‍♀️ thanks Irene
I found this meditation to be soothing. Listening to the wind chimes and the birds felt as if I were outside experiencing nature which is something I love.
Lest we forget
The beautiful sounds of nature that are right outside our window. I know that they are there, but often forget to acknowledge them. I am reminded in this wonderful meditation to step outside and just listen and try to pay attention to the myriad sounds I hear. To put aside my thoughts, troubles, wishes, disappointment...and just relax and enjoy the peace of the outdoors. Namaste Irene. 🙏❤️
Nature’s Melody
I loved the tapestry of sound that was the focus of this meditation. The chimes, music, and water sounds were so soothing, and the birdsong was so cheerful, quickly increasing my joy. An added benefit was that my cats and dogs were mesmerized by the birds.
Beautiful sounds of nature 🦅🌿🌿🦉
Even though there are noisy cars going by and people talking outside I was still able to sink into my bed and just listen and experience the beautiful sounds of nature. Wish I was going for a nature walk instead of work today! Happy 4th everyone 🎆🎇
Enjoy sounds...
Realize by paying attention at your ears and hearing feeling sounds.... how relaxed it is...,
Nature sounds 7-23-18
Namaste Irene! Thank you for the lovely sounds. When I'm at camp, I try to take a few moments to listen to the sounds--baby sapsuckers squawking for food, frogs 'talking to each other, the wind, creaking trees, crackling campfire, wind, rain on the roof, whatever is happening at the moment....
Relax with nature sounds
How nice is that and calming.. Just try and will like enjoying all beautiful sounds around us...and noticing them
Walter J
I enjoyed this meditation very much!! It transported me back to when I was lucky enough to spend three months the summer after college, out in the Western U.S. backpacking. We hiked thru nearly every National Park out there and every night it was just as beautiful as the day except, we had to use our ears, just like Irene stated. The night air would sing us a different story every night around the campfire. Then later the crickets would add their mesmerizing lullaby until we were happily asleep in our tent. Ahhhh... thanks for the memories Irene! ❤️☮️🍀 P.S. as I am finishing this, I can hear the crickets outside my open windows and am getting so sleepy...😴
Nature sounds
I was in a hurry to get going today and wanted to listen to some nature sounds so I remember this meditation. Although I was supposed to be sitting or laying down it didn’t seem to matter bc I love listening to Irene‘s guided meditations and the nature sounds. Thanks 🙏 Irene
Sweet 🦋
This is so relaxing and makes me wish I were really outside in nature. I slept in today to catch up on some very needed sleep and I enjoyed listening to this while eating breakfast in bed. Thanks Irene, your way of inspiring and motivating me to appreciate life and nature is a gift. 🙏
Nature sounds
There is a peace and quiet that can only be found in winter. This meditation made me think of spring, summer and fall with the birdsong. Makes me miss all the birds.
Nature sounds meditation
I would have preferred if the teacher had stopped talking for awhile so I could focus completely on the sounds. However, it was still very soothing and relaxing.
Nature Sounds
What a relaxing way to begin our day! I had the opportunity to have a video call with my brother in Colorado. He was recording his hike as he went from his campground along a trail that connected to the Continental Divide trail. Walking through stands of aspen trees and then seeing amazing mountains made me feel rejuvenated! I literally felt like I was right along side of him experiencing this awaken spirit of mine become alive! Wow! Turning my attention to listening to Irene’s beautiful meditation, hearing the background noises made me feel like I was back on the trail that my brother just took me on through video call. Ah...the birds singing their songs along with the subtle harmonies of the wind chimes all while listening to Irene’s voice left me feeling relaxed and refreshed! This was indeed, the perfect way to begin my day! Thank you, Nolan and Irene! 🙏🏻☮️❤️💫
Mindful Ears
Often, we are on auto-pilot, going from one place to the next and getting our to-do list accomplished. We are so busy in our mind that we forget to take the time to pause and listen, truly listen with mindful ears to the world outside. Listening with mindful ears has a profound effect on our mind, body and soul. As I listened to the beautiful and majestic sounds of birds and wind chimes, my breathing began to deepen, my body softened, the voice inside my head quieted and my soul awakened to the awesomeness that indeed, I am part of the One! Being part of the One, I am reminded that I am never truly alone! Being part of the One, I am grateful to be alive, and therefore, have the opportunity to listen with mindful ears! The next time we feel overwhelmed for whatever reason, Irene reminds us to go outside, listen with mindful ears to the sounds of nature, whether it be birds singing their unique songs, the rattling of leaves as the wind gently blows or the nice soothing sound of water as it flows gently over rocks. Our body, mind and soul will surely thank us for it! Thank you, Irene for creating such a relaxing meditation and reminding us to always listen with mindful ears! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
I loved this meditation! The birds, chimes, waves and noises were so relaxing and made it so easy to zone out. She guides you and encourages you to use your imagination to the sounds. Mine took me somewhere tropical with all the bird noises and I felt warm. I also felt close to my grandma and mom as my grandma loves nature and plants and my mom and I have gone on tropical vacations together. I enjoyed this so much, definitely a favorite.
I noticed that it helped me relax and improve my mood. I wasn’t feeling great before and it helped me improve.
The Sounds of Nature
I find the sounds of nature to be very peaceful and very calming; whenever I feel stressed or sad taking a walk in nature and feeling the fresh air always helps me feel better
I learned that the voices of nature were so peaceful but I did not understand half of the thing she said cause I think it was in a different accent.
Always a good one
Always a good one. Nice to zone out to the chimes and birds. These sounds are so peaceful I wish I could listen to them all day.
Didn’t like this at all. Very distracting, loud, and random. Felt worse than before I started.
Not good for aleep
I really enjoy the sounds of nature though this one felt a bit to noisy and loud for someone who wants to sleep.
Thank you!
I really enjoyed taking a minute to relax and loved the sound of irenes voice