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Nature Connection

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Pasha Lyndi
Movement, Meditation, Nature, Sleep
This practise guides you to connect deeply with nature in just a few minutes, using your senses. Why not practise outdoors? Or looking out of a window?
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Sitting on a bench underneath a mimosa tree in the backyard, I opened my senses to receive the beauty of this moment. Looking around, I saw birds getting a bite to eat from feeders hanging from limbs of various trees and sunflowers reaching for the sun. I heard a few birds singing their unique songs as I felt a gentle wind glided across my skin. I smelled and tasted this welcoming freshness in the air that this gentle wind blew my way. Choosing my sense of sight to further explore this nature connection, I looked up to the mimosa tree I was under and saw a ruby-throated hummingbird pollinate a few of the feathery pink flowers this tree produces. Afterwards, it perched itself on a branch right in my view. Sensing its aliveness, I was memorized by the green feathers on its back shimmering in the sunlight. Forgetting about the nature of the outside world, I went inward to sense how my body and mind were. As I did a body scan, I sensed the pressure of my butt on the cushion and my feet on the ground. The only sound I heard was the beating of my heart. As I breathed, I felt the air glide past my upper lip and in this moment, I noticed my mind was free of thoughts. Sensing this aliveness, I am content. There are two natures. One in which we live in on the outside and one that lives within ourselves. Taking time to connect with these two natures, we sense the aliveness that is always happening around and within us. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Walter J
I actually did this lying in my bed when I first woke up. It was rainy out & I was nursing a headache from lack of water yesterday, so I left the shades down and just laid there hoping I would still get something out of it. I had read my good Aura friend’s amazing post about her seeing a beautiful pink flowered mimosa tree & a shimmering green hummingbird while listening to this meditation and thought I would like to give it a go too. As I am lying there feeling the bed support my body, I realize I am not really able to see outside, so I decided to keep my eyes shut & allow my other senses to take over. What a pleasant surprise to smell the freshly brewing coffee on the air... Ahhh, I could sense the rich aroma floating on a very slight air current coming up the stairs and into my room. (I had a quick thought B3 should be here right now!!) I “saw” a lush jungle of coffee bean trees, their boughs laden with beans that were ready to be picked. Rows & rows of trees in every direction. The coolness of the moist jungle was in sharp contrast with the warmth of the aroma of the coffee. I could hear birds chirping and singing outside to add to the whole scene and make it even more real... a roll of thunder brought me back to my room and the coffee aroma was too strong to resist. Time to get up & taste life now... Wishing everyone a Happy Friday & a wonder-full weekend!! Make it count! (Thanks Lyndi & Cherish) ❤️☕️🍀
Contemplation is a world you create. Remember you created it!
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