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Nature Connection (30 Min)

29 Min
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Pasha Lyndi
Movement, Meditation, Nature, Sleep
A longer practice of mindfulness in nature (30 min) for those who want to connect with themselves and the living world more deeply...
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It helped instantly
I was not using aura for quite some time (cause I broke the chain after 83 days, dum I know) and this new one is just perfect to get back on day 2. Love to you all
Sunlight of Awareness
We, as humans are a part of nature, not apart from nature. In this extended version, we realize this fact as we use all of our senses to listen deeply to our external nature in our surroundings as well as to our internal nature within our body and mind. Sitting underneath a mimosa tree on a bench, I thought about the previous tenets of this place and became grateful. People prior to us could have chopped down trees, but didn’t. Nature could of destroyed this land, but didn’t. Instead, I am free to enjoy this place and accept the great responsibility to care for it the best I know how for the next tenets that come after me. Moving to the present time, I began to listen deeply to my surroundings utilizing all of my senses. I heard birds chattering away at one another and a soft whoosh of wind. I saw pollinators receiving their sweet nectar from the pink, feathery flowers of the mimosa tree. I felt a nice breeze every so often brush through the leaves. I smelled and tasted the freshness that a new day brings. Having the sunlight of awareness offer me these gifts, I am reminded to be a good steward of this precious Earth. Turning inward, I began to listen deeply to my internal surroundings utilizing all of my senses. During my time listening deeply to my internal surroundings, there was one more sense that I could hear. A voice within that never lies nor shames. The voice of intuition. While watching this body breathe on its own and sensing the pressure of this body sitting on this bench, I sat next to the bank of my mind flow. Watching these thoughts float on by the stream of my mind, I saw that some were heavier than others. Some of the heavier ones were trying to get my attention shouting, ‘Pick Me’ while the lighter ones were perfectly fine going on by. While it was enticing to get intimate with those thoughts begging for my attention, I allowed them to float on by. Having the sunlight of awareness, I have disciplined my mind. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
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