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Natural Healing Meditation

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Jen Knox
Embodied Creativity and Mindfulness
This is a short, 5-minute, healing meditation and visualization. This practice involves the guided visualization of a warm and infinite source of light within. This serves as a reminder that we all have a deep sense of self-compassion and love inside of us, that when unlocked, can heal and release whatever no longer serves us.
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Mind, Body, and Soul Healing ✨
Wow, what a powerful visualization. As someone who recently had a total hysterectomy, I am working to have patience for myself and my physical healing. I have also recently been diagnosed with PTSD - something I have been carrying around for decades and only now have been able to put a name to it. My mental, spiritual, and physical healing can feel like a lot all at once. Visualizing a reservoir of healing light that I can fill up and access anytime I need it is incredibly empowering for me. It reminds me I have everything I need already within me to heal myself.
I found this meditation perfect to settle down for the evening. I didn't picture a particular color, I just went with it. For the first time in days, I feel no pain. Thank you so much. ♥️
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