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Myths of Self-Compassion

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Feeling somewhat skeptical of self-compassion? Don't worry, you're not alone. There are common beliefs or misconceptions people hold about self-compassion. In this session, we will explore this myths of self-compassion, and you'll learn that self-compassion isn't a pit party or a sign of weakness.
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Self compassion leads to resilience
Practicing more self-compassion helps us strengthen our resilience. We will be better equipped to adapt and work through adverse circumstances.
I only got the general idea, self-compassion is a good thing and we should do it for reasons, and it’s not the same as self-pity. In truth, what I learned most is I can’t take in information when someone is speaking so fast. I didn’t have time to process what was being said, so then I unintentionally tuned out. I appreciate that they wanted to share as much info as possible, but it seems they spoke so fast to have time for the summary at the end, I wish they had left that out so that they wouldn’t have had to rush. Maybe it’s just me.
Self Compassion
Sometimes in life we can get stuck on feeling sad, because we are pressuring ourselves to be happy. We need to accept that sadness is ok, and sometimes you need the time off, doing things that you love rather than overindulging.
Feeling desperate
I noticed that I feel sad and depressed. I need to accept how I feel. Don’t feel desperate about how I’m feeling in the present. Sometimes it doesn’t depend on you. Just get back on track. You’re self-aware to know what’s happening and you know what actions make you feel better. Have the courage to do these activities.
Self Compassion
Although I felt that I was “speed listening” (this practitioner talks FAST in my humble opinion), I loved the reminder that people who practice self-compassion are better able to extend compassion to others.
I know I'm totally guilty of being WAY too hard on myself. If I could learn to be more compassionate to myself, I’d likely feel MUCH less stress. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
almost made me cry
This audio made me feel all fuzzy and warm inside and even provoked some watery eyes! It definitely made me feel better afterwards. Being self compassionate reflects as you being not selfish and great caregivers. I love this.
Others as motivators
It is interesting to see how much others are the engine of my view and actions. Often acting for oneself does not feel as complete nor satisfying. Acting for others has the power to esponencially increase the energy magnitude in an action and an intention. The satisfaction and feeling of warm, even belonging, are much more present as a consequence. Self-compassion also allows us to see when we are actually hurting and to have kind understanding towards ourselves in difficult moments. Self-compassiin actually facilitates empathy towards oneself and others and since it makes it easier to see bad situations and feelings for what they are, it makes it easier to act upon them with clarity and humbleness.
Too fast
This session I felt needed to be processed at a slower talking speed...self compassion can be a difficult topic as we don’t always have it within us because of the feeling guilty or selfish etc. So by talking it through more slowly it allows our hearts and minds to fully accept that it’s ok to feel self compassion. We can allow this feeling or action of compassion and kindness towards ourselves. It’s not a lecture on facts...it’s an embracing of learning how to love ourselves better. Thankyou💝