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Muscle Relaxation

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Pasha Lyndi
Movement, Meditation, Nature, Sleep
Feeling stressed or tight? This practice will help you identify and release muscular tension.
From the community
11 reflections
More helpful than expected!
Releasing after being tensed is a OVERWHELMING ball of JOY!!
Great. Immediately helpful
Thank you very much for this. Even after years of practice I have periods of time in which I've simply forgotten the value of regular muscle relaxation. Reminders of helpful practices are necessary and appreciated.
A quick refresher to get re-centered. Want to get back into a daily meditation practice
Even 3 minutes of mindfulness meditation can be beneficial, especially if it is on a daily basis. It is better to meditate daily for a few minutes than a long meditation every few days with no practice in between days
Shih Min
Do the bad so that the good can come
It help me to realize how tensing and crunching the muscles, which is something familiar to me, can lead to the good relaxation feeling, and so it's good that I can now associate this uncomfortable feeling with a good feeling that come afterwards
So simple and effective
I feel so much more relaxed after this exercise! It's as though I released a ton of tension that I didn't know I was carrying in my body. Excellent!
A few moments for self
Even taking just a couple of minutes for myself - and turning the world off - feels so recharging and i feel present again for those around me!
Morning Magic
"Woke up, got out of bed, drag comb across my head...". Fabulous routine for the morning. I got up and was dragging about and decided to do my morning meditation. This unique one popped up and it was wonderful. I definitely saved it and will be enjoying it time and time again. Thanks for a little morning magic.
I must be allowed to release. Emotionally and physically. Keeping it tied in is not effective and is hurtful.
w e a k n e s s
i often feel powerless. my muscles did not feel strong. it brought to mind my feelings of powerlessness
muscle tension
I learned that releasing muscle tension is a good way to relax, even if you didn't realize you had muscle tension
Catch and release 🤡
All the exercises I've been doing here have benefited me, and today is no different. I started this journey because of a journey I had already started. That quest is one of weight loss. I don't want to be a downer right now or cast a dark shadow, but simply put... if I don't lose this weight I'm going to die. I'm 200 pounds overweight, and I've been dieting and working out quite a bit lately. My first goal of 50lbs of weight loss was set on Father's Day for my birthday September 23, and I know that I'm going to reach it. Actually I believe I may have surpassed it. Based on 4 weeks ago I had lost 33 lbs and had over six weeks to lose 17lbs. When I've been averaging about 4 lbs a week. What this exercise did for me was show me how to use dynamic tension which still exercises my muscles and at the same time relax them and put me in a good headspace. I'm a believer that all things are mental, all wars no matter what are fought in the mind.
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