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Moving Through Paralysis By Analysis

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Life Coaching
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Lisa Hopkins
Certified Professional Coach, PCC ELI-MP
Making a decision can be tough. It just feels so final. Whether it’s choosing to quit your job or buy a new house or pivot in another direction in a relationship it’s just not simple. You know what’s easier and oh so very common - is to slip into paralysis by analysis. But what if no matter what decision you made you knew there would be a gift to follow, how would that affect or influence your decision-making process?
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I am really struggling with a decision to change jobs again. Thank you for reminding me to seek the gifts asking the way
My basket is already full
Oh boy did I need this one! Quite literally yesterday, I described myself with “fear paralysis.” Going into network marketing with zero experience. I felt overwhelmed with indecision on what to say or do next, so I didn’t do anything. I gained no insight nor and lessons. A comforting thought to me, is that “my basket is always full” irregardless of the direction , career wise as a nurse and as a new “social marketer.” I just keep collecting.
Stay in the moment…the gift of inspiration. Wow. I need that right now 🙏🌸
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