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Moving Out Of Resistance & Suffering

6 Min
Life Coaching
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Karina Antonopoulos
Highly Sensitive Person Life Coach
In this track, you will develop self-awareness about the mind's ego and how to shift out of helplessness in order to have access to your internal guidance system and break patterns that are keeping you stuck in the same situation you keep finding yourself in. "You have the ability to you will show up...which path to take...and which story you will continue to support."
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11 reflections
I felt lighter, my heart and mind connected.
My mind felt less enclosed, less dark and trapped. Outlook improved, more hopeful, positive and brighter.
I felt calmer and understood
I have been stuck listening to my mind and ego - I had been making great progress in connecting with the universe and then family illness just threw me. I feel I can try and get back on track now and stop listening to the drama. Thank you x
I learned that I have the power to affect change in my life! Embracing where I am now and feeling the emotions that come with where I am can lead and guide me forward.
Starting is the hardest!
Leaving behind all the ego drama, the need to be right, the need to be in control, the need to be important. I need to reframe what I want from life and continue accordingly. I need to let go of past patterns. I want to be a new person.
Great topic
However finding those questions is hard enough, let alone in the spur of the moment. But if done it would be great!
I’ve been trying to find information and meditation on growth mindset- this is perfect!
Everything comes from the ego- remember that! When the “monkey mind” starts to chatter, turn the volume down and tune into your body. What is happening right now, what is this situation trying to teach me, what can I do about it? And acknowledge the pain- sometimes we’re just hurting and that too needs to be acknowledged.
So grateful to be reminded re: hanging over my power. Thank You for the supportive guidance.
Makes Sense
I learned that I know exactly what I am resisting and I know why. I don’t know in other ways whether to resist or not. I believe I will further check into coaching! This really resonates with me as my new journey has been looking at myself and not at others that I can’t fix. Thank you, it made it a better start to my day!
I learned I need to analyze my feelings, not what happened to cause them
Acceptance and change
I realised that the vicious emotional cycle I am in with my mother since my father died recently can be changed. I have more hope that I can be a better version of me. That I can overcome the cycle of guilt and shame I am constantly in. I am going to lean in and learn and grow. I can do it. I know I can. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
This track brought me some emotional relief and gave me confidence especially when she says “you’ve totally got this my love”.
I learned I don’t have to thrash around letting my ego berate me but can make a little space to open up to new possibilities.