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Mountains Moments of Space

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Irene Zwaan
Hypnotherapist & Energy Healer
Where are you now in your life? Need to rethink ...take this moment.... Need more space more room in side? Then this is your meditation to listen. Enjoy!
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Mountains moments for space....
This moment os for you To do things different coming year!!!!!
Spreading Nice Words
If things do not work out in our favor, we tend to want to blame others. Often times in our relationships, we do not tell others why we appreciate, love or adore them. We just figure that they must already know why so we think, why bother. By spreading nice words to the people in our lives, we will not only enrich our relationships, but our lives as well. Think of our relationships as recipes and each day we are adding ingredients to the recipe. With much care and focus, our recipe will turn out great. With neglect and unfocus, our recipe will not turn out very well. What kind of recipe do we want to make? The Choice is ours to make!
Personal Accountability
This meditation started out with me visualizing a hike I did along a ridge line that lead to a beautiful spot surrounded with a mountain view. As I find a comfortable spot to sit to admire the view, I begin to look inward to reflect on the questions Irene is asking throughout this session. Often we tend to blame others for how are life has turned out especially when it hasn’t worked out the way we want it to. When we take personal accountability for the choices we have made in our life, it gives us power and motivation to start making changes to the areas in our life we are unhappy with to be able to have a more fulfilling life. In your relationships, ask yourself how am I being seen by others? How do I want others to see me? By connecting with others on a deeper level by letting them know with kind words what they mean to you will help to grow and nurture your relationships. Relationships are like watering a plant. If you don’t continuously water it, eventually it will die. This is an excellent session if you are ready to take a look at your life as a whole and the role you have been playing in it.Do you have the leading role in the story of your life? Or are you allowing others to control your life?
Need space sometimes
I learned that it is ok to want to have my own “open space”. You need space to reflect on your day, thoughts and to relax your ongoing mind. Nobody to judge you in your own open space.
My Mountains
I learned that taking time for myself to visualize a place far away helps to centre my self and feel more calm.
First meditation with Aura
I learned that by closing the physical eye, I may open the eyes looking inward.
I felt supported and learned that taking a few minutes for myself, to pause and reflect and recenter myself can have a huge impact on how I move through the rest of my day
Day 1 meditation
Forced me to take a breath before starting my busy morning routine getting my little son Freddie ready. Was a nice experience feeling calm
Gratitude towards others
I learned how I should show more of why I’m grateful to have certain people in my life. I learned how I should show them through who they are and how that connects me to them so deeply.
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