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Mountain Stream Meditation

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Suzie Brown
Mindfulness Teacher
This meditation uses a simple visualisation to help you to let go of difficult thoughts and emotions.
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2 reflections
Deeper state of mind
I sent my thoughts down the stream on leaves and I was very deep in to some serious thoughts and emotions. My mind left this meditation for a while but I feel good about it. Seemed like I was in a deeper state of meditation then I’ve ever been and I wish I would’ve stayed there longer. Thanks 🙏 Aura
Thoughts floating away
In this meditation you visualize any thoughts or emotions floating on a leaf down the stream. I placed my to-do list on a leaf down the stream which means it is completed...right?!🤪 Anyways, during this meditation my mind went back to our getaway this weekend. I visualized one of our hikes along the Toccoa River which at that moment I felt totally at peace. There were a few leaves in the river which I just watched them float by while inhaling the scent of the pine trees and taking in all the beauty around me.