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Bradley T. Morris
Meditation Guide & Media Magician at Majik Media
Needing a pep talk to get your mind and heart realigned with your Soul's calling? This audio will help! You are infinitely blessed and more wonderful than you could ever imagine!
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Holy cow! WOW!
Talk about motivation and inspiration! Bradley certainly does that in this new meditation. Breathing in energy and gratitude, breathing out energy and gratitude...for all that will be in the day ahead. Of course, he elaborates more, but this certainly makes me want to get up and go! He has a nice, easy speaking voice and the background music is really nice. Two things though: try not to breathe at the pace that he speaks; you’ll be out of breath and secondly, this is not a good meditation to do before bedtime (lol). Namaste. 🙏🌷
Very nice!
Based on my friend Patty’s glowing recommendation, I gave this session a try this Sunday morning. I enjoyed it very much! Maybe I was more “ready” for it as I have been awake for some time, and have cooked and shared a big hearty breakfast with my wife! Have the house opened up already, enjoying some sunshine and fresh air too. Not a bad start to Summer! Have an awesome day everyone!
Meditation mastery
I felt totally empowered by this meditation! Very inspiring - happy-making.
I felt excited and positive after this meditation! This is by far my favorite morning meditation! Go get'em!!
Wonderful!!! 😊
I did really enjoy this meditation session. I added some very easy arm stretches and movements that loosened up my back and my upper body. I feel so much better!!!
Wonderful inspiration with word, voice, and music. I could feel myself full of positive energy !!
Exercise is critical.
I learned that all types of exercise can greatly improve your mood. Even walking can be great inspiration anytime.
Simply beautiful, I will definitely start using this when I wake up! Namaste 🙏🏻
What a fabulous way to start a day, in gratitude and positivity for the past, the now and the future. We both very much enjoyed it and it has set us up to expect the best not dread what could happen. Thank you so much.
Positive energy emanates💥
The energy emanates from this meditation session. A source of warm light comes in with each breath and removes what doesn’t serve me today with each out breath. Such a great way to start the day filling up with positive energy and releasing all the negativity that weighs me down. Grateful for this morning motivational and inspiring experience! 🌞
This meditation is inspiring! It reminded me to be grateful to be alive, and that I can seize the day!! I don’t have to let the negative get me down! I can stay positive and grateful regardless of what is happening in my life.
Back Again Today!
This really is a perfect morning meditation! I highly recommend! ❤️
5 stars
I loved this meditation! It made me feel so empowered and ready to destroy my to do list with radiating positive vibrant energy!
What I love about this meditation is the deep breaths in and deep exhales out. It was nice hearing positive things I could imagine myself breathing in, and *positive* things I could breathe out (usually it’s exhaling all the negative). It speaks to our impact in this world—taking in goodness, and sending it back out to the world and to those around us 😌
Cyndee 🌊
Suddenly motivated
Thanks to this meditation I’m feeling a little more accomplished. After taking in an enormous amount of oxygen and clearing out my lungs I felt energized. I cleared my mind of unwanted debris and this helped get me out of bed. I chose this meditation deliberately bc it has worked for me in the past. I’m now in my new favorite coffee house enjoying the atmosphere on my day off. Thanks for the very needed inspiration!
Just what I needed!
My mind wandered around a bit but that’s okay because I still got the outcome I wanted! Time to do some push ups and finish this to do list!
This is a great meditation to begin your day with! Breathing in, filling up my lungs with fresh air, I pulled in all of my future thoughts back into the present moment to where my power is. Breathing out, pulling in all of my past thoughts into the present moment, I let go and focused on that moment of peace, the pause between my inhalation and exhalation, where I just existed, without a care in the world! I will follow Bradley’s advice by allowing for my breath to guide me through this day, through each moment and allow for my gratitude to bring forth the positive energy that I wish to experience! I am refreshed, renewed, empowered and thankful to be alive! Have a beautiful day everyone! 🙏🏻❤️😊
Golden light in/out. Morning motivation to be feel gratitude in daily journey
This one is glorious ❣️. I reclaimed my energies
Spent on negatives to employ it for positives. The music 🎼 is awesome and although I look and look for this genre of healing music all the time I have never found one so beautiful. In joy your day. Please 🙏🏼
Walter J
Great way to wake up and get started! Always like deep breathing and this was a good session to encourage that. Although the breathing seems to get quicker and made it tougher to get really deep breathes, it helps wake you & amp you up! Could feel a fire-light building in my chest/heart chakra which was fanned by each breath, this is my power building in the Now, but also somehow for the day ahead. Loved the idea of breathing the power of the past & the future into the moment & then sending it forward into day ahead! I will be able to pull on this during the day and smile,remembering I already empowered myself earlier and continue to power forward each moment. ❤️💪🏼🍀
Fill your mind with all that is present for today...breathing in gratitude for being alive.
With each exhale, let out the old anxieties and worries of yesterday.
New day
I should focus my energy today on what is important. I have a lot of energy and I should channel that in the correct way.
Gift of Life
I am grateful for the gift of life. For this new day that is full of possibilities waiting for me. For breathing in new life into my body and exhaling what no longer serves me. Today is going to be a great day. 😀
This is a short but powerful meditation. However, if Brad spoke a little slower, it would feel less
. . . Less rushed. He kind of rushed through it, which detracts from the visualization.
Growing pulsing energy
I felt the power of breath. Breathing in life, exhaling fear. It is that simple! I am making more space and time to breath. It’s my life. It’s my power.
I noticed that I could inhale and exhale longer and deeper than I thought I could.
Day 1
Im a little distracted. No school due to Christmas break. 2 more days left. Start new school Steps Academy on Mon 1/06/20–excited and anxious.
I am at a new day looking ahead with gratitude that I am exactly where I am supposed to be right now
I learned that I will go forward to living in the moment and not feeling anxious about the future.
Focusing On Me
It is important to take time to focus on myself. Allowing my body, mind, and soul time to heal and relax. Each day it is important to take a little time to stop and regroup. Letting go of the stress of trying to figure out life 6 months from now and working on the present so that you can live the life you want 6 months from now.
Nice, better than a cup of coffee
To energize without an external stimuli. Great inspirational exercise
Being “fully” present at this moment is the most important thing that we can do for ourselves, loving the way are and loving everything as it is. ❤️
It’s hard to put into words how wonderful & powerful such a short meditation was for me. I’m so glad this was my daily moment this morning as it was just what I needed to slow down and ground myself and release the anxiety I have over one of my furkids being poorly, and yet being slowed down has then given me energy to be ready in light & positivity for the day ahead. Also the music that is in Bradley’s meditations is powerful in its own right and resonates deeply to add another beneficial layer to these moments that we stop to listen. With gratitude to him and aura for making these available 🙏
Stimulating and energising
The energy absorbed from this practice is both stimulating in starting the day and brings awareness to new found energy for the day 😁
I did this meditation in the sun...I felt like I was absorbing the energy not just from my breath and mind...but from the glorious sunshine on my body. Healing and healthy. Thankyou! 😎
So energizing
It's good to be alive. I feel uplifted and regenerated after this meditation. He talks in rhythm and I was able to breathe in rhythm. The music he adds is such a nice addition ❤️🙏🏻
Lightheaded from fast breathing
Those breaths were waaaay too fast for me (and inconsistent). I started laughing because I just couldn't keep up. But I loved the things he was saying and I'd absolutely love a version of this with a slower, realistic breathing rhythm. 🙏🏼♥️
It was really helpful with like knowing who you are and being that your alive today
Calming yet Focusing
Before this meditation, I looked for something calming, yet focusing. This meditation is both. Although it uplifts and energizes, it consolidates new energies into relaxed confidence. These effects are small, as is expected of a small meditation, but still noticeable.
Quick Shift
Every time I listen to one of Bradley’s meditations I have an amazing quick shift out of funk into happiness. It’s the music, the message and the tempo. All ages - ignore “youth” label. I am a 54 year old sales exec! Keep more coming Bradley!
Calling energy back
Calling my energy back from the future and past to the present was very powerful. I noticed I felt grounded and strong when I did that. That’s a great anchor for me when I feel anxious.
Walter J
Breathing in the energy you need and exhaling it forward into your day… What a great visual to bless your day from this moment forward. Have a magically powerful day everyone! 🔮💪🏼🍀
Breath out all the old
Breathing in feeling this day as a blank canvas, feeling yourself connect, giving thanks for this day and for all the blessings ahead
An amazing way to start your day!
I was shocked at how the powerful words Bradley used this morning and the intentions he set for each inhale and exhale immediately changed my mindset and prepared me for a beautiful, strong, mentality and physically healthy day ahead. I intend to use this meditation each morning for the next 14 days to see how it transforms me over time. You should join me! Namaste Bradley for the powerful guidance this mooring.
I loved the pace of this and energy this meditation gave me
Deep breathing at a slightly faster pace really benefitted me and hit me into the present now moment
I feel so...
Positive, like the sand covering my happiness was swept away for the first time in a long time. I’m hoping that 2021 is not the horrific train wreck that last year was and being able to find something to be positive about is rather a lot easier right this moment, but I’m still admittedly quite suspicious of how this year will turn out. That said, for THIS COMING WEEK, I am optimistic and really hope things stay the way they are RIGHT NOW.
Power in conscience breathing
I realized how powerful simply tuning into my breath, breathing with intention is so powerful. Grounding in the present and breathing in intentions brings power and gratitude, wakes my body up and helps start the day on a high note.
During this meditation, I tried to focus my mind in all the things I’m grateful for. In my mind I saw each of my children as infants in those moments when they would look at me with pure joy and connection to my soul. I also saw my husband looking at me in one of those love moments filled with laughter and joy. I became overwhelmed with a sense of happiness and gratitude. And then came tears. I hope to take this feeling of joy and gratitude into my day in my interactions with others.
Clear minded & energized
This was my first morning meditation. The guide was amazing at calming my mind to focus on positivity and motivation for the day. I feel like I am conquer all of today with uummff! 😄