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Morning Wake Up Meditation

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Paola Cruz
E-RYT, Meditation Teacher, Global Yogini
Oftentimes we wake up and rush into our chores and daily tasks without stopping to relax and ease into the day. This meditation will help you rise up more peacefully and mindfully. When we dedicate a few moments in the morning to appreciate where we are and encourage ourselves to try our best, we become better able to cope with stress, deal with uncomfortable situations, and better handle our emotions. Enjoy rising up mindfully. love & light, Paola IG @oneyogabypaola
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3 reflections
Hand up!
I noticed I felt more open to the presence of the space by having my hands facing up. I donโ€™t typically meditate with my hand up. I will use the practice more often. Good stuff!
Paul Rienguette
Good morning
Nice way to start your day I am relaxed. I am strong I will do my best
Good Morning Meditation
Love her voice and cadence, really helps to achieve a relaxed state. Want to see if I can get as much done feeling relaxed as feeling rushed.