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Morning Visualization For A Positive Day

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Lisa Hopkins
Certified Professional Coach, PCC ELI-MP
Start your day off right with this affirming and energizing visualization of happiness, contentment & joy.
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.y first try with Auro
This was my first meet with Auro, and it made think that this might work for me
Happiness is all around us. It is a natural state that we have the power to create within us with awareness. We can also delight in the happiness and joy we bring into other’s lives. All of us deserve to feel happiness and joy. A few things that bring me happiness this morning: -Woke up feeling good mentally and physically. - Beautiful cooler weather outside. -A few moments of quiet time. -Listening to the birds. -Connecting with friends As I move throughout my day with feelings of gratitude for the gift of this new day, I will look for opportunities to brighten someone’s else’s day. Today, is going to be a fabulous day full of sunshine and positive vibes! ☀️😎💚
It was hard for me to think of a time where I felt true joy, peace, & contentment, other than when my daughters were each born and my wedding but these events were so long ago.
I have not felt happy in a very long time. It’s easier for me to feel happy for my daughters when something good happens in their lives than it is for me and my life.
I deserve it and it is okay to not be happy. Flooded with emotions yesterday and I let them go without self-judgement. This practice helps the letting go. Thank you Lisa!
Find happiness
I love the idea of finding happiness in others and harnessing that energy to feed off of. Such an awesome tool for a bad day.
Meditation day 1
I found I struggled to smile when invited. My thought fights back at the idea that we have access to happiness and joy. It feels like I am faking it.
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