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Morning Visualization

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Cass Carlopio
Sleep Expert, Psychologist & Meditation
This guided meditation helps the listener set their intention for the day through visualization.
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My intentions
I can set intentions for my day anyway I would like it to be. Today, I think I just need to feel carefree, not burdened with any heavy thoughts. I can take this positive feeling with me throughout the day and feel gratitude for what I have and for the ability to move on time after time. What an empowering feeling, I’ve learned all this by Practicing meditation! Thanks 🙏 Aura
Morning visualization
This is something I need to do more often. Visualization of how you want your day, meeting etc to go. Positive thinking can help draw the positive to you. Set an intention for your day and see how the day unfolds around you.
Visualizing The Not So Good
Today, I have to write a long essay for school. I have been dreading writing this paper, but it helped to sit down and visualize what it will take to get it done and imagine how I will feel doing it: inspired.
Inspiring 🌟🙏
Cassandra’s gentle, calming guidance was the perfect way to begin my day with peace and inspiration rather than the angst that I often feel to accomplish things on my “to do“ list. 🙏🌟
Morning Visualization
This meditation is wonderful to start your day with. Step back, take gratitude in taking a moment for yourself to set the direction and mood you want for today. Visualize balance, calmness, gratitude and positivity. Have a beautiful day!
Get up and go!
Love starting my morning with Cassandra’s lovely, lilting voice. Of course here by 9:55 I’ve already done more than some will do all day! Not too shabby for a disabled guy! Got the youngest child up, ready and to school already. Made a coffee run for my wife and I. Have breakfasted and taken my MANY morning pills. Done sessions with my two brain training apps. Now checking my morning meditation off my list of to-dos. Just a few more tasks to accomplish yet this morning! And away I go! Have a good day tribe-o-mine!
Waking up
I try to do this everyday when I wake up, but some days I wake up more tired and in a not great mood. On these days its hard to visualize my day
Calm, Relaxed 😌 &
. . . accomplished are the things I visualized in this meditation this morning. I just listened to this meditation the other day and enjoyed it so much that I revisited it again this morning. It’s a wonderful way to begin the day. 🙏🌟🦋
My intention for the month of April is to focus on kindness. Hope everyone has a great day!
Even when I have a lot of stuff to do, visualizing my day helps me have the confidence that I will get this stuff done.
Setting Intention
This is a wonderful meditation to begin the day with. During this session you think about what your intention for the day is, how you want your day to go, and how you want to feel. My intention for the day is to not let other people’s energy effect the way I am feeling. I want to go into this day feeling energized and for everything at work to go smoothly. At the end of this meditation you take a moment to have gratitude for yourself for taking this time out for yourself. Wishing everyone a great day!
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