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Morning Spiritual Meditation

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Arielle Hecht
Spiritual Teacher
Morning is a sacred time to set the tone for the day. The more we connect spiritually and feel centered at the start of our day, the more our day unfolds with beauty and grace. When we begin with a morning spiritual meditation, divine energy flows through us and upon our lives. We experience a sense of deep calm, regardless of what life brings. We align with synchronicity and open ourselves to our highest good. This special morning spiritual meditation with Arielle will help you bring light into your mind, into your heart, and into your day. May every blessing be with you today, and every day. Music by Life Illumined.
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2 reflections
Morning Spiritual Meditation
I liked the speaker’s voice, but I couldn’t really get into the session. I couldn’t seem to do the imagery today. I’m not sure if it was the music or the words.
I felt very connected to my higher self. Visualizing beautiful white/gold light caressing me, feeling as light as a feather. As well as connecting me to Earth and the spirit world. I spilled a tear. This is a beautiful meditation.