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Morning Sexual Meditation

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Katie Krimitsos
Creator, Women's Meditation Network
Today’s morning meditation is intended to give you a safe and empowering place to connect intimately with your sexual self.
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5 reflections
That it is a more fulfilling experience when it is about both individuals feeling connected and in tune with the “pink orb”
Heather Marie
The more i felt safe the more my body relaxed . I noticed parts of my body physically being more open as I felt the warm pink Ora . I learned that if one of the ways I feel safe is having sexual time by my self that that’s ok and not to be ashes of that .
Heather Marie
Listening to this mediation during bed time ,I’m feeling more and more safe. I feel like I am able to touch , and explore more of my body . Most importantly I’m able to connect to my inner child , who was not allowed to touch her body sexually , and i was able to connect to my inner child who wanted to sexually explore her body and her yoni . I’am having less Shame and guilt as I sexually explore my self every night .
I’m from an Irish, Austrian background which in my case were very unlovable. No touching, no kissing. No hugging. Self praise stunk! Not even hug & kisses for holidays & birthdays. As a child, I was always told not to touch “down there” that I was actually afraid to wash there in the bathtub! I was married 40 years to an extremely dominate husband & stayed celibate for 7 years. Now at 67 I just met a man that puts a woman’s pleasure before his own. I’ve had my first orgasm at 67!! Thank God for beautiful people like you who are here to help us see we were just guided wrong & hopefully I will be able to enjoy the years I have left. God bless you💕
Morning sexual meditation
That was lovely. So relaxing. Her kind voice, the music, everything. Very nice.