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Morning Prayer - Surrender To The Divine

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Susitha Reddy
Meditation Teacher and Healing Guide
The ego-self wants to control life and is often generating thoughts and feelings of worry and anxiety. The ego-self is only a limited aspect of our Spiritual Self/Divine Source/Consciousness. The ego-self is time-bound and limited, the True Self is eternal, unlimited, omnipresent, and omnipotent. Surrendering to our True Selves allows us to relax and go with the flow of life. It also brings harmony and grace. Prayer is a beautiful way of connecting and developing a loving relationship with our Divine Creator/Parent. In this prayer, you are guided to let go and surrender all aspects of your life to your Divine Creator. The audio has silent pauses, In the silent pauses allow yourself to be one with the silence, one with the Divine.
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11 reflections
Sarah Elizabeth
effortless surrender
This has made an impact on me and will become a daily moment moving forward. ✨🧘🏼‍♀️ namaste
Beautiful prayer!
What a beautiful important prayer! Saved and will try to repeat it often in the morning. Thank you!
Accepted and loved cared for thank you it helped me feel joyous and calm and complete 😀
Devine power
Giving my trust to God, letting go, what a stream of life that I want to be a part of. This prayer I will listen to again. I especially like the silence between the words. Stop tend lift up release like hands in the air incense rising
A gem to start each day and enter each evening
Oh so grateful for prayers phrases that permit surrender to my god my resentments worries past failures and to enter a deepening silence that drops ego into a boundless ocean of acceptance and peace
Prayer just add a soft smile
I listed to this last night and yesterday morning - I appreciate the permissive silence between the words and that os a vessel I can carry and hold these expressions and then in the silence poor them out let them rise and truly offer them to god. Surrender is such a big word with big connotations like a tree falling in the forest crashing and perhaps in this short prayer it is a n unwinding slow process for release, spiritual nourishment
22 06 23 - flow vs fear. Fear is of the ego. When connected to flow oneness there are only possibilities of service. Breath of life brings me to my center core.
Love happiness wisdom
Words matter silence matters time for prayer matters I am enjoined this morning with my higher power a soft yet firm mingling guided by S. I will try it one morning with incense outdoors.
I love these kind of prayers and meditations.
I felt so still, so grateful and connected to the Higher Power. Namaste!
Letting go allows us to be free from so many things including fear. I need to keep letting go
Letting go of ego
It’s such a relief to let go and sit in stillness and peace.