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Morning Nervous System Harmony

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Anaïs Skoutariotis
NeuroMindfulness Coach
Start your day on a harmonious note as this guided practice gently balances and harmonizes your nervous system. Embrace a sense of vitality and clarity as you step into the world, ready to embrace the day ahead. Press play and immerse yourself in a morning ritual that sets the tone for a balanced and energized day.
From the community
6 reflections
Relationship/todays intention
I released the conversation about open relationship I felt my love for Herman; stronger than my desires for other experiences I set my intention for work to complete work well and efficiently
Nervous System Love
I absolutely love this breathing n light movement meditation. I've recently found out my long term fatigue and some other issues have been caused by a nervous system and polyneurological situation. So to find this is so amazing. I'm deeply thankful. It's soothing, gentle and just what the soul, mind, body and whole nervous system needed this morning. I notice how light and love and hope filled I am feeling, especially after prayer and gratitude and energizing meditations before this one too. Sometimes it takes a little longer to reset after sleeping, so that I can feel more bright and confident for the day ahead. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
I was reminded of ways to balance the nervous system and that restoring this balance can be a wonderful way to start the day 🌅.
Peace productivity and prosperity
I learnt to start to the day in a positive day and continue this in all my actions
Awakening and accepting
I felt an aura of calm descend upon me and an opening up of mind/body connection as my headache started to ease and my muscles began to release and let go of tension…..
I felt a calm cone over me as I did the breathing exercises and finally the hug