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Morning Meditation To Start Your Day

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Vanessa Michele
Yoga and Meditation Teacher
Starting your day with a positive mindset can set the stage for your entire day. Find motivating and inspiring affirmations within this morning meditation to start your day on a good note.
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8 reflections
I like affirmations
I like saying or repeating things as in this meditation. Today I get up because my teeth are hurting. Otherwise I would have slept longer. But I am still rested. So it’s fine
First day
I like repaying affirmations & I would have loved to sleep longer on a Saturday. But my teeth are hurting… which is ok. I have sleep 5 hours and I have been sleeping so mich, it’s ok to have a little less sleep.
Morning Meditation to Start Your Day
This is a fantastic way to start your day. I feel like everything is going to go well. I feel good. Thank you God for another day ❤️
Wednesday Feb 9th - Raining
I learned that I need to continue to speak to myself in a positive light and reassure myself that I am fine. Also, smiling helps increase mood
Morning meditation
I like the affirmations on positivity. Today is a great day!
Juliana Oppenheimer
Repeating the positive affirmations while smiling with my eyes closed felt strange. This strange feeling I know is going to help me. To start with I feel more positive and optimistic!
Juliana Oppenheimer
I feel different
I really enjoyed this! I find it hard to smile unless there is an external reason. Smiling to my myself was difficult and different. It helped me see that a smile can start with me. It felt like I was making a toast to the person I am not the person I think I ought to be. I look forward to a day that I didn’t want to face with self love. I want to feel love and contentment for myself, people, and the world around me!
Yes! Good morning!
Positive vibes for a positive day! This was a great meditation to start my day.
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