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Morning Meditation - Motivation

7 Min
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Cory Cochiolo
Hypnotherapist & Meditation Teacher
This morning meditation is a gentle reminder of how good life can be if we just have the right outlook or mindset. Let me help you to wake up and set your intention to have a great day!
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I’m alive and so grateful
Wonderful way to start the day, looking at all the things to be grateful for, starting with the simple fact that you’re alive.
I am alive. I woke up feeling rested. My body physically feels good today. All of my needs are met in this moment. And, I have the freedom to choose what I think, feel, accomplish, and focus on today. What more can I ask for?! I am very fortunate. Shifting my focus from one of what is lacking to one of gratitude has lifted my spirits. I will continue to focus on the good throughout my day.
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