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Morning Meditation: Gratitude

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Hilary Lafone, NBC-HWC
Board Certified Health Coach
Allow this quick morning meditation to help you bring gratitude into your day. This exercise offers you time to identify areas in your life that you are grateful for while also taking it a step further to reflect on why we are grateful. How we start the morning sets the tone for our entire day. This practice focuses on mindful breathing, relaxing the body, and listening to our heart.
From the community
3 reflections
After morning meditation
I learn that my heart softened during the meditation. I'm a lot calmer now.
Living & running by the Cologne Rhein
I realized I am grateful for being able to live in Cologne, next to the Rhein and being able run along and/or across it on my morning runs
I realised how much I had to be grateful for and that sometimes I felt that but didn’t properly recognise that feeling during my day. I had become swept up with going somewhere, getting something done, being something else. I’ll try to capture those micro moments better and notice things more to create more joy :-)
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