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Morning Meditation For Focus

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Lai Tattis
Hypnotherapist, Life & Meditation Coach
Welcome to a new day with this morning meditation to draw you deeper into the stillness and serenity of your core being to create a sense of inner peace, focus, and productivity that you may carry with you throughout your day.
From the community
3 reflections
Happy New Year
This is such a beautiful meditation to begin each day! Calming and peaceful. My wandering mind returned time and again to her gentle voice reminding me to stay present.
Exactly What I Need Every Morning
This is a fantastic meditation to start my day. It helped me to calm my chaotic mind and gain control of my feelings of overwhelm to focus on what I need to do to conquer and better manage my day. I’m going to start every day with this meditation!
Got Lost in It Today
Got so relaxed today that I got lost in the meditation. Bring on the day!