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Morning Meditation For Energy

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Chelsea Pottenger
Founder of EQ Minds
Start your morning with clarity and calm with this 10-minute guided meditation. Your day will get busy but don't let the most precious part of the day be taken from you. Each morning is an opportunity to start fresh. To be revitalized and healthy, to be at peace and grateful for the opportunity that today brings. Today will be a beautiful day. In collaboration with Squeak E. Clean Studios.
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Tremendous lift
I listened to this meditation - well I started in the AM and day got away from me so I said why not listen before I sleep - dream. The affirmations balanced with the nadi shodana were startlingly fresh powerful like I was fully human - I’m going to listen again. I liked also the ten minutes length. Lots of sustaining mood and matching energy. Calm yet eager, clear, present and still.
Back to back listening
The rhythm words and tone offered me a place to dwell without analysis or judgement Let’s see how I sleep
This meditation made me feel extremely happy and positive. It must be the best way to start a day or get oneself back on track. 🙏
I learned that when I awaken it is the best time to affirm myself, give myself the opportunity for an incredible day. Which is much better than rolling out of bed with a grunt and shuffling to the door to let the dog out. Wonderful affirmations.
Joy and Grateful
I have to make morning meditation a daily must habit! Have a great day!