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Morning Meditation

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Bryoni Lawrence
Mindfulness Coach
It's easy to begin your day straight away without taking time to check in. Try something different this morning, utilize this meditation as a quick way to carve out some time for yourself before your day begins. If you are interested in connecting with me, you can also follow me on Instagram at @yogi.bry or visit my website at
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Morning Check In
I love the imagery brought forth in this exercise... seeing yourself going about your day with positive energy and love is the perfect way to begin.
Morning Meditations
I feel at peace this morning. I have not felt this sense of calmness and mindfulness in a very long time. I want to use this day to begin setting an intention for everyday moving forward. I want to be able to release the anxieties I’ve been holding for quite some time. I want to feel healthy in body, mind and spirit. I’m willing to try new and different things to achieve my goals. I am deciding to take a one week sabbatical from all social media. My hope is that it will free my mind to explore other areas that have been untapped for quite awhile. I want to reignite the CREATIVE inside of me!!!!
Morning Meditation
I have felt so out of control.for the past few months. It is making me so tired and depressed. Thank you for reminding me that I control how my day goes. See it and breath it!