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Morning Meditation: A Productive Day

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Hilary Lafone, NBC-HWC
Board Certified Health Coach
Allow this quick morning meditation to help you become more productive in your day. This exercise offers you time to visualize ways you can let go of unhelpful habits and practices throughout your day. How we start the morning sets the tone for our entire day. This practice focuses on mindful breathing, relaxing the body, and listening to our heart.
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I’m a procrastinator and easily feel overwhelmed so I put things off. I also ask for help and when I don’t receive it put things off. Today I released the need for help and I’ll do small bites of clearing ready to move on by myself. Thank you
In order to have a productive day, I need to sleep. And that means I need to commit to going to bed at a decent hour. So today I commit to going to bed while it is still … today :). Bed before midnight, here I come!