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Morning Intentions

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Jiva Masheder
Mindfulness & Self-Compassion Teacher
It's easy to get lost in a morning whirlwind - so why not take a few minutes to set your intentions for the day and decide what's most important for you? This can really help you to settle the mind and heart, ready for the day ahead.
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Morning Intentions
Mornings are always the hardest for me as I wake up thinking of all the unknowns that lay ahead of me. Letting different anxious thoughts come to light. As the day comes to an end these go away as there are less unknowns to face. I’ve been looking for something to get me through my mornings and I think this is a great way for me to set my intentions and focus on something other than trying to control the day. Instead I can keep coming back to my intentions for the day and my breathing and power through.
Intention Setting
I have a hard time setting intentions for myself that I keep. This morning, my intention is self-care and self-love. I’ve been spread in a lot of different directions the past few months, supporting my family but not myself. I’ve been giving a lot, spending almost all of my time with my sister and my new niece, as well as with my parents due to a loss. I need to focus on myself some, and not feel obligated to always be around them as I’m starting to run myself thin. I need to care for myself now, so that I can fill my own cup before I keep giving. So today, it’s time to focus on myself and the things that give me joy, like getting a hair trim for the first time in over a year. ♥️💫
Really helpful for an anxious mind
I have bad morning anxiety, and reflecting on what is really important has helped a lot. For some the session may seem repetitive, but for people like me, whose mind tends to wander a lot, it is immensely helpful. Thanks!
Showing Up
Each and every day, we can set the tone for our day. How do we want to show up in our lives today? What do we want to get out of this day? What is truly important to us today? Setting intentions in the morning can help us in two ways. They not only answer those questions, but they also can help guide us through our day as well. For example, our day unfolds and unforeseen circumstances occur, as they always will, and we begin to feel frazzled. We can take a step back, breathe and remember our intentions that we set in the morning to help guide us back to what’s truly important to us today. This will help to put everything back into perspective. Pondering Jiva’s questions in my mind, I thought of what was truly important to me today. It is to be mindful in everything I say, think and do. It is to have a compassionate and loving heart. It is to experience lightness of body. It is to have an alert and reflective mind. And finally, it is to have a joyful and energetic body. For the past four or so months, I say these particular intentions every morning before I get out of bed and in doing so, my days have been much more fulfilling. My mindset has been more positive. My body has been more energetic. My soul has felt a sense of joy, a sense of excitement. It doesn’t take long to incorporate setting intentions into our morning routine. Setting intentions for our day helps us to answer how we want to show up for our day. No matter what happens during the day, we can always use our intentions to guide us through our day. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Walter J
“What Really matters to me today?” “What really Matters to me today?” “What really matters to Me today? “What really matters to me Today? Powerful question to ask ourselves over and over again, all day, everyday. This is such a simple task to do but has tremendous value to keep us focused & help us refocus on what is truly important. “What really matters to me today?” I know I can check off my morning meditation off that list and move on to the next most important thing. Hey this idea really helps!! Thanks Aura, Jiva & Cherish for this simple but effective tool! 💚❤️🍀
Best Intentions
What is your best intention for today? Wonderful question to reflect on at the start of your day. Setting an intention for the day helps us to focus on what we want to achieve for the day. It also helps us to refocus if unforeseen circumstances pop up during our day. My intention for today is to remain positive, show up with an open heart, and to remain grounded.
Morning Intentions
With all that’s going on in the world, it’s important to stop and set an intention for the day. When you rush into the day it continues to spin for the rest of the day.
Sense of clarity
Taking a moment to be still and sift through the thoughts of all of the tasks and “To-Dos” really helps bring a sense of direction and clarity to your day. Clearing clutter of the mind and focusing on what really matters brings a feeling of joy and excitement for the day ahead. My intentions today are to create and refine my artwork to depict love and my life’s purpose. 💙
I intend to be more mindful today. I want to take in all of my surroundings and really absorb what there is to offer. Today I will be mindful of my emotions and how they affect others. Furthermore, I will use this intention to cultivate my relationship more and create a loving atmosphere for both of us.
It was hard to find what really matters for me today. But i guess it was the intention to find it what actually mattered
Morning intention
I intend to be kind- to others, to myself. (I hardly slept last night.)
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