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Morning Healing

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Hilary Lafone, NBC-HWC
Board Certified Health Coach
Listen to this healing morning meditation to help you start your day with self-care. If you have health problems and/or physical or emotional pain, then this type of meditation can help you start your day with a healing mind. You are your own best healer! Start a new day with self-love and compassion.
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Sarah Elizabeth
Take 3 🎬
I attempted this practice three times. First in bed, freezing, annoyed and a bit anxious. Little by little, the guide’s voice cut through the stirring of my family, waking early and with ease. Tiny feet pounding outside my door slowly blended smoothly with the white noise & “calm” Soundscape I had crafted intentionally several days before. The second attempt, similar to the first, was a little more alert yet slightly softer in her energy. The amber glow of healing light began to warm from the soul within. Tension began leaving and the tone of my conversation with the universe shifted there in my bed. I added a beanie to my head and surrounded each heavy and burdensome limb of my body with smooth pillows. The third. Peacefully surrendering to the guided meditation I was relieved of the demands and expectations of “the now” and for that full 11 minutes I could truly “be still.” In the stillness I was able to bask in “the morning” as I will now call her. The beauty of those first few cracks of light peaking through the window. Those first few seconds of silence before your feet ever embrace the ground below. The stillness, the calm, the timeless beauty that is Morning. Thank you for your guidance. :se
i need to take care of myself and not ignore pain… almost died.
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