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Morning Grounding & Self-Love

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Tina Stinson
Life & Health Coach
In this quick meditation, we will relax and ground the body and start the day beautifully with a self-love exercise. This can be great if you might be feeling a bit of stress or anxiety but it's also just a positive way to start your morning every day! To learn more about Tina check out her website here >> https://www.tinastinson.com
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4 reflections
Best Day Ever
Becoming grounded, we set security and safety in motion. Becoming love, we set kindness and compassion in motion. Becoming both grounded and love, we set ourselves up to have the best day ever in motion. Sitting upright, I took 4 deep breaths into my belly. I visualized a blue shimmering light at the crown of my head. With each inhale, this light flowed through my body and pooled around my feet. Filled with this healing light, I am grounded. Following Tina’s guidance, I placed my hands on my heart and repeated some kind phrases to myself. Talking to myself in this manner, my Buddha nature, which is love shines. Grounded with an open heart and mind, I will have the best day ever! Thank you, Tina! I love this practice! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Pep Talk
I am loved I am enough I am beautiful I am forgiven I ❤️ you and will always be here for you. Saying these words with one hand placed over my heart, feelings of love and gratitude wash over me for taking the time to show up for myself to nurture my mind and spirit. Beautiful meditation to start the day with a calming grounded positive loving energy.
I got my back…
I won’t give up on myself, as I meet the day before me. Namaste
this completely turned my mood around. i loved this meditation.