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Morning Gratitude

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Hannah Castillo
Mental Health Counselor, Life Coach
Taking a few minutes each morning to focus on a sense of gratitude is a wonderful way to begin your day. Beginning your day with gratitude can help you start your day with positive energy. It can help to cultivate a sense of mindfulness that you can carry with you throughout your day. I am grateful for this day.
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Gratitude, love, and relaxation
I learned to relax my breathing when I meditate, by focusing on the nourishing nature of my inhale and increasingly relaxing on my exhale. This lesson is especially important to me since I have a tendency two over breathe when I meditate or Focus intently. Hopefully, this practice will help me relax by breathing . I also learned how simple it can be to practice gratitude. I don’t have to be grateful for big elaborate things. Gratitude can be expressed for simple things, such as your capacity for love, The day, who you are, who you are becoming , in the sunlight through a window. This last thing is what I chose to focus my gratitude on, when the life coach suggested I think of one thing I’m grateful for. With the notion of gratitude for the small things in mind, I have decided toset intention to spread love and gratitude throughout my day. I believe this decision will make both me and those around be happier, how do I focus on the aspects of my life for which I am grateful. Thank you for this experience.
I am grateful for today
Nice, short practice to start the day with. Good affirmations to carry with you. I am grateful for today.
I am grateful for yoday
Nice, short practice to begin the day. I am feeling hopeful and ready to see what the day holds. Good affirmations to carry with you. I am grateful for today.
Tired lately my mind knows that I have a list of things that need to get done but I find myself unable to motivate
I need to be gentle with my mind and do one thing at a time.
Meditation is always a good thing to do especially
Meditation is always a good thing I really have been doing it it relaxes me & gets me everything off my mind even the stress and anxiety I am really glad I put the meditation app on my phone so I can relax & be at peace and calm my nerves and & gets all the negative things off my mind I think people should do meditation more often because it’s good for them to relax
I am grateful
I am grateful for who I am and who I am becoming. That is so beautiful! It helps me to accept myself, faults and all, and to explore an even better me. Very healing.
I am grateful for this day
I am grateful for my day and for my husband. I plan to take the kindness and love he shares with me and pass it forward throughout the day. And back to him, of course!
A morning of soft gratitude right here
To know feel begin to live with a heart flowing with gratitude is a previous treasure I can breath it in and out right underneath my sternum - a happy house with abundant space a long open porch to share with the world
Calming my mind and saying a mantra brought me so much calmness and feeling at peace. It’s going to be a tough day, but I am calm. I am powerful and I am so fucking gorgeous 🙏🏻
This Day
My days are full of blessings yet somehow I start them with dread. I need to hug the gratitude and remove that dread.
It’s good to breathe deeply while thinking about gratitude.
Yes. It’s good to breathe deeply and think nice thoughts. But I don’t like being assigned to write more before I can move forward. When I see my therapist Bob in a few weeks I hope I can report that I. Getting so e use out of these meditation apps and did t just throw money at my problems.
First to feel my emotions! Then to not to let it store in me. Study it…. Then say goodbye to it Also learning again to not let (something else emotions affect mines. Asked & received from God.., asking to help to remove any & everything that don’t serve you. I have to remind not to let it bother me! At times I forget. I am Happy, loved, Healing from be sensitive to chemicals, adrenal fatigue as wel as my fight & flight emotions recognize when it’s need. I’m save where every I am!