Gratitude, love, and relaxation
I learned to relax my breathing when I meditate, by focusing on the nourishing nature of my inhale and increasingly relaxing on my exhale. This lesson is especially important to me since I have a tendency two over breathe when I meditate or Focus intently. Hopefully, this practice will help me relax by breathing . I also learned how simple it can be to practice gratitude. I don’t have to be grateful for big elaborate things. Gratitude can be expressed for simple things, such as your capacity for love, The day, who you are, who you are becoming , in the sunlight through a window. This last thing is what I chose to focus my gratitude on, when the life coach suggested I think of one thing I’m grateful for. With the notion of gratitude for the small things in mind, I have decided toset intention to spread love and gratitude throughout my day. I believe this decision will make both me and those around be happier, how do I focus on the aspects of my life for which I am grateful. Thank you for this experience.