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Morning Gratitude for a Day of Abundance

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Steven Webb
Inner Peace and Emotional Wisdom Teacher
This is a morning gratitude meditation practice, it will leave you feeling grateful and thankful for everything you have while living with abundance and joy throughout the whole day. I recommend you do this meditation every morning for 21 days.
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34 reflections
Day of Abundance
One of the surest ways to get into the right frame of mind and thus, increase our overall well-being is through the powerful practice of gratitude. In this meditation, we practice breathing in appreciation and breathing out thankfulness for the abundance we already have. Doing this powerful practice in the morning, we increase our awareness to note the little things in life and also set in motion to have a day of abundance. Following Steven’s guidance, I got myself present by raising my arms as I breathed in and lowered them as I breathed out. With my awareness on my breath, I thanked it for the life energy it brings to my body. Bringing awareness to my home or rather my body, I visualized a warm white light flowing into every room. Once my home was filled with light and love, I sat in appreciation and thankfulness for what this body instinctively knows what to do to keep me alive on a daily basis. Filled with light and love, I turned my awareness to someone I appreciate dearly. Visualizing my mom standing right in front of me, I showered her with light and love. Moving on to being aware of all of the abundance I have in my life, I felt so blessed. Smiling in appreciation and thankfulness for how blessed I am, I brought my awareness to my heart as I thought of the Almighty. Thinking of how the Almighty has been there for me throughout my life, I felt so thankful. Knowing that I am effortlessly supported in life, my frame of mind is free and open to receive more abundance in my life. Smiling in appreciation and thankfulness, I am filled with joy for a day of abundance! Practicing gratitude is a sure way to increase our happiness, but in order to keep us happy, it is a muscle we must strengthen everyday. Because of this, Steven suggests we listen to this meditation for 21 days until we can practice on our own. Shifting our mindset to be appreciative of what we already have will not only increase our happiness, but also the likelihood of having a day of abundance! That’s a win-win in my book! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Awesome morning meditation!
This is a wonderful, kind meditation that reminds me of how fortunate I am to have life, and live where I do & have my friends & family near. Sometimes I get complacent and it’s good to mindfully show appreciation & gratitude! 🙏
Expressing gratitude is quite emotional for me. I appreciate this meditation exercise for illustrating how I can be grateful for the “good” things and the “bad” things in my life.
I felt myself become transparent as the universe shifted through me, and for just a moment, I felt a profound sense of oneness with all the things around me and with the people I am grateful for. It felt like light. Thank you.
Grateful and aware of abundance
There is more to be thankful for than I noticed beforehand
Gratitude for each day
Today I learned to be grateful for the present moment, be grateful for those that are in my life, appreciate the struggles/challenges/obstacles as they are a sign of a lesson that needs to be learned or relearned
jennifer L.
I liked his voice. I didn’t sit down ans do this mediation, but I was walking around my apt and having gratitude for the things around me and the people in my life.
I had such a tight sore neck when I started this meditation. Felt grrr inside...and then doing this beautiful meditation made me come back to what and who is important in my life...and the tension eased. My self love grew and gratitude filled my heart. Thankyou!💝💝💝💝
White light and gratitude
Great meditation for manifesting and sharing white light and gratitude.
Morning feels
Great feeling doing this the first thing in the morning. It is so calm and soothing. Definitely brings out the light in me.
I felt myself shift from worrying about all that I have to do today to just being present and thankful. I am more excited and ready to take on the day with this boost of inspiration.
Morning gratitude
I realized the abundance that I already have. I have learned to give thanks and gratitude to god through my religious upbringing however speaking it into the world in English helped me internalize it better and combine the two. Shokr
Siu Yen
A lovely morning meditation to help you appreciate with gratitude on what we already have and shouldn’t take for granted.
Ijeoma Oranugo
This was very helpful
I am grateful for life. This really helped me appreciate today and get ready for the day
Graciela Gil
Good grateful am
Am meditation helped me stop and say thank you before jumping into my day. Getting out if bed with acknowledgement of my abundance made me feel good about my life. Thank you thoughts, saying thank you and feeling thankful really does settle in and allowed me to breathe more calmly and move more intentionally.
Felt my back aching as I sat.
I learned that I have an abundance of things right around me.
So many tears flowed from this meditation. I am so grateful for my abundance!
Gratitude express relaxation and mindfulness 🧘‍♀️ and I learned that can use this
I can relax I learned that I learned that I focused and relaxed
Today was my first Morning of Gratitude, and I feel amazing! I was reminded to give thanks and be grateful for everything I currently have in my life and know that I’ve been blessed abundantly. I’ve been working on my gratitude recently and this was a perfect way to bring something new into the picture! Thank you.
Being grateful can help mute the negative feelings, emotions, thoughts, etc. to allow the positive vibes to enter and take over.
Reality check
I learned that my life is abundant even when I don’t feel like it. Taking few minutes to appreciate things even as little as the clothes on your back. Wow!
Gratitude Day 01
I learned how to be more appreciative of what I have in my life. My family, my boyfriend, and dogs are all beings I have in my life and I’m so grateful to have each and every single one of them. I loved how how relaxed I felt during this meditation session. I want to make meditation a daily habit..so here is my journey...
I have so much to be thankful for. I will do my best not to take these things for granted. From the air I breath to the sound of my children’s laughter. I will make a conscious effort to breath all of it in with appreciation and breath out Thank you 🙏🏾
As I closed my eyes and breathed in and out while saying thank you, I tried so hard not to think at what I don’t have. Flares of dark light tried to surround me as I was hearing ”imagine yourself as light“ . It was hard to focus on the great when your surrounded by negativity. I am learning to silence my mind and think positive, because I have it better than most people on this Planet. Im ready to try this again tomorrow.
Gratitude for Gratitude
Breathing in appreciation Breathing out thank you The simplicity of these words alone bring me gratitude. Thank you Steven for creating this powerful piece of calmness and positivity. Things are brighter when I am grateful for what I have. Here’s hoping the light I feel right now can help others today.
Breathing in abundance
How long have I kept myself from abundance, from accepting all there is to be blessed with? This practice helps me to see how much I do have to be grateful for and that all the wonder that comes is deserved and appreciated….
I learnt how to appreciate everything I have and how to breathe in gratitude and breathe out thankfulness
Thank you
I learned that there is so much to be thankful for that we dont normally perceive. I do feel guilty though as following the meditation i thought it meant a person no longer with us/passed on to send gratitude to which i did but i never sent it to the person who changed my universe and im most grateful to in all my life.
Grateful in pain
Woke with a headache. But refocusing with a gratitude meditation is necessary. I have a comfortable place to heal, and much good around me. Thank you 🙏🏼♥️
I started my day with this meditation and I feel so relaxed but filled with gently pulsing energy. I am smiling at nothing ☺️! What a wonderful gift. Thank you Steven. Namaste
Perfect life
This meditation reminds me of what a perfect life I already have. No need to worry. Things will fall into places.
Gratitude Nourishes Joy and Peace
I felt that surge of joy and peace in me as I inhaled appreciation and exhaled gratitude. Life can truly be happy. Simply.
First Mediation using this app
I learned that the minute I allowed my mind to rest my body felt lighter. More aware and in tune with my surroundings. Overall I feel lifted in spirit and optimistic about the day ahead!