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Morning Glory Gratitude Practice - 5 Min

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Jay Chodagam
Meditation Artist & Purpose Guide
Before you start anything, assess who you want to be today, how you want to present yourself to the world, and the vibe you want to portray. Let the answers to these questions serve as your energy signature. To make the most of this day for you, listen to Jay while performing this practice breathwork.
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11 reflections
jess 🧡
gratitude and perspective
i think that he put it perfectly. waking up with a roof over our heads, clothes on our back and food + water in our fridge is something that most of us take for granted. we are so much luckier that so many people, and we must be grateful for that :)
We often forget how lucky we are in our lives despite and because of the problems we face. Those are problems to solve. Thank you Jay
Life’s Blessings
Jay reminds us of how rich our lives are by having a roof over our head, clean water, food, clothes, etc. Oftentimes, we forget how grateful we are to have our basic needs met. To wake up with a healthy body. To see the sun shining. Everyday, I begin my day giving thanks to God for the gift of a new day. For filling my inner spirit with loving kindness and compassion for myself as well as all others I come in contact with each day. For continuing to heal my body to give it the strength and energy I need to make it through the day. Choosing to focus my energy on gratitude, adds a little more sparkle to what seems like another ordinary day. May you choose to focus your energy on saying thank you to all of the blessings you have in your life.
This gave me a huge smile…
and helped me to feel grateful for all the blessings in my life. Thank you Jay for your joyful voice and positive reminders of all the wonderful things in life.
Morning Relaxation
Great meditation. Also great instruction. I find I forget things if I miss a day.
Dawn davis
How I’m feeling this morning
I’m feeling awake, refreshed, full of gratitude for waking up to a new day
Morning meditation
I am grateful for all that I have and I am a beautiful light to share with the world 💕
Gratitude is the Key!
I have seen in my 37 years of life that gratitude is the key for a lot of things... i have seen first-hand that gratitude can open a lot of doors in life.. and as a bonus: it makes us feel much better and it's healthy so.. why not ✌️😊🙏 today i am grateful for the roof over my head, for my health, my (almost) 3 years of sobriety, my family, and my AMAZING kids who i get to watch growing up into remarkable young men and women 🙏
Starting the day right
I truly need to focus on my breath straight away. Remind myself of the health and wealth in my life, my support, my positive attitude.
Angela Marie
Morning Gratitude
So Grateful for this beautiful morning practice meditation. Reminding us why we are here. Thank you ☕️💕
I’m so blessed to be healthy, have access to medical providers, and everything mentioned in this session. I got no sleep last night but I’m grateful that I’m off work and have the opportunity to get my sleep schedule back on track. I look forward to what the day will bring.