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Morning Forest: Attention Restoration

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Kristy Arbon
Somatic Self-Compassion Creatrix
Enjoy an Attention Restoration Meditation at least every 90 minutes at work. Give your mind a self-compassion break so that you can resume work with renewed focus. Put aside the time needed to be fully with this meditation and use earphones so that you can block out noise in your environment. After enjoying the meditation, give yourself a few moments to sit and simply “be.” Nature sounds and image courtesy of
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11 reflections
True Peace
Really lovely. How could one not feel joy, serenity, compassion and peace after listening to the wonderful sounds of life. This meditation does just that! ❤️🌷🙏
Reasa Falgoust
Thanks for sharing I imagined I was safe in a dense forest with very tall trees and a flat surface laying down looking towards the sky. Very calming. I need to remember this Calming when my world is in shambles as it is most days.
Thank you
This meditation brought back so many happy memories for me and allowed me to feel so much happier. When I was a child I had a big forest in my backyard where I would play and explore around, and as I got older I wandered around it and listened to the sounds of nature and birds chirping to calm myself down after stressful days. This made me feel quite nostalgic and really worked wonders. Thank you so much for this!
Without the guidance
Without the guidance of someone during this meditation I got very distracted by my thoughts. I might as well be just thinking.....I do that plenty. I need to calm my poor overworked mind.
Peaceful Forest
I enjoyed this meditation but I did have wandering thoughts and just tried to sync them in the meditation, if I heard distracting noises. Even though there was no voice I was expecting, I made my own peaceful meditation. So awesome to have my mind do that for me.
Needs Work
As an inexperienced person in meditation, I found that I am not yet ready to meditate alone and I still need a voice to keep my attention. Perhaps, with practice, this will change.
Nature is my happy place. It relaxes me. If your looking for a calm peaceful way to start your morning I recommend this meditation. This one is going into my favorites.
Nature sounds
When it comes to focusing, I believe I enjoy peace and quiet more than nature sounds but this would be a great session for anyone that particularly enjoys the outdoors.
Morning Walk
I enjoyed taking my dogs for a walk this morning on a nature trail that is close to our house. The weather was beautiful. It is a little cooler this morning which was refreshing. Wishing all of you a great day!
I noticed that I had a lot of thoughts but they were creatively fueled not anxious. I felt calm and inspired. I tried to let my thoughts come and go and just float and focus on breathing.
I was able to imagine myself in nature during this session. I had a lot of thoughts but not my usual thoughts... I focused on how i would feel being surrounding by all of these sound. For example, in a rainforest.
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