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Morning Focus

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Alice Powell
Mindfulness & CYT Yoga Teacher
Start your day by presenting yourself. In those few minutes after you wake up, you will focus on the day or week. Together, we set the tone for possibility. ‘I choose to design my day’ ‘It is mine to create.
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My choice
I choose to design my day. It is mine to create I take my own responsibility to create life I want I let go of the old habit of ignoring my own needs
I’m feeling down, tried to expel the sadness with the out breaths. I really liked the end, I’m going to try to go create the day I want with the joy I want.
Today my son got into bed with me and I turned on morning focus for the both of us. This morning the reason I chose it for him is because he gets stuck in negative thought circles and I thought it would be a good way for him to ground his day. Then I realized *I* get stuck in a bad mood if he is and *I* can choose to have a good day even if he is grumpy and mean to me.