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Morning Feel-Good Check In

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Just a few mindful minutes in the morning to check in and design your ideal day, while listening to your own energy levels, can help you consciously create your day and increase the happiness and grateful feelings in your life.
From the community
7 reflections
Davida Chamberlin-Elliott
Laying out my day
As i listened she helped me to give myself a good idea of my desires for today. I isually don’t take the time to do that
Berit Roos
A good day
I learned that I have to imagine what I would like to do, have and feel and that I can create my day by doing so.
Pouring into Self
I learned that such small things can make a great improvement to my day. Instead of putting the things off that I love , today I will give myself the love and nourishment I need.
Meditation for good
I like going through and having me thinking about things I would like to have happen in my day. It’s a nice way to manifest my day and set out how I would like to achieve good. Thank you.
Day 1
I felt relaxed listening to it and like I can accomplish the struggle I’m trying to get through.
Daily morning pick up!
I have felt so much positive energy, by releasing all the worries the negativity and the stress to start my day. I love this app because it helps me be stress-free it helps me relax it helps me meditate it helps me sleep well and be refresh for the next day.
Positive thoughts
I can influence my feelings with my thoughts. My feelings will influence my actions.