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Morning Energy For The Day

15 Min
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Saqib Rizvi
Emotional Healing Coach
Keep yourself fresh and energized the whole day with this 15-minute morning practice! This meditation is based on the practice of Circulation Of Energy in the body, which is one of the favorite practices of great spiritual masters like Lao Tzu and Osho. It focuses on the 7 primary energy centers in the body, commonly known as the Chakras. However, this meditation is more about building energy than it is about the Chakras. It is complemented by mild music in the background.
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2 reflections
Chakra Meditation
I found myself embracing each moment as we addressed each chakra. The white light strengthened me as my feet became rooted to the ground and the light rose upwards. The light not only gave me strength but safeness and serenity. Thank you for your guidance. 🙏🏼
Calm is attainable
This was one of best sessions I have ever participated in. I followed along and a great sense of calm and peace settled on my being. Grateful for the guidance today.