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Morning Energy Affirmation

9 Min
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Michelle Swerin | Mindful Neurodivergent Wellness
ADHD, Anxiety, Burnout Therapist
You have the power to choose your focus of attention and shift your day. We use body awareness and sensory experience to harness your attention and energy, let go and release, and set intentions, deepened by awareness, acceptance, and affirmation. Great way to start the day focused on what brings you energy.
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I feel calm. This meditation put me in a state of calmness and relaxation. I will be using this meditation again, soon.
Wednesday Intention
Where our energy goes, our energy flows. I have the power to choose what I want to focus my attention on today. I feel I am in control of my day. Today, I will show up with an open mind and heart. I will offer kindness and compassion to anyone I come in contact with today. I will remember to return my attention to my breath in times of stress and overwhelm. Today, will be a great day. And so it is.
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