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Morning Divine Connection

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Arielle Margalit Hecht
Spiritual Teacher
In this morning's spiritual meditation, you are guided into a deep state of serenity. As we connect spiritually, we experience an inner peace that is always there. Allow this meditation to be a grounding space for you to connect, center yourself for the day ahead, and experience your connection to the Divine, the Source of Love. As peaceful vibrations and loving tranquility fill your heart and mind, you will move into your day with Grace, ease, and joy. Music by Life Illumined.
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2 reflections
Morning Divine Connection
What a wonderful meditation. I will do this throughout the day, not only in the morning. It made me feel so connected with God & all the goodness He surrounds us with. In these troubled times we need to be reminded we are being taken care of & watched over by our Savior. Thank you so very much for such an amazing gift. ❤️
Gentle and beautiful connection
I felt my thoughts slow and my breath settle, I felt held in magical loving presence and on finishing ready to carry loving presence towards the day and all it may contain. Beautiful. Thank you.
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