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Morning Breath - Energizing

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Ivy LoveLanguage
Meditation, Yoga and Energy Facilitator
Sit up tall. This breath is a quick way to energize the system, warm up the digestive organs and body as well as create alertness. Just like a puppy dog sniffing…the breath is only through the nose, equal parts inhale to the exhale, short and fast action. Instigating the pumping action from the belly. Enjoy.
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Great way to feel energized, short and to the point I like it
Thank you Great way to feel energized, short and to the point I like it
Different technique
I liked this type of breathing. I do feel wide awake and ready for a spectacular Sunday. The straight posture and nose sniffing really works.
I start where I start. Beginners mind with all things. I am looking at my impatience this morning.
Out of the fog
I felt incredibly foggy and sluggish this morning, so much so that i started seeking a breathing exercise to bring me clarity and energy before showing up for work. This was an impactful exercise. I plan to use this often before showing up, especially when i need to show up and be very present. Thank you!