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Morning Bed Yoga- Guided Breath & Twists

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Ivy LoveLanguage
Meditation, Yoga and Energy Facilitator
Are you scrolling through your phone in bed this morning? Try this quick guided breath and movement in bed to awaken and align the mind, body, and spirit. Have an amazing Day!
From the community
2 reflections
Perfect gentle movement to start the day
It helps motivate me to get out of bed. This app says my reflection is too short and to add more. So here are some more words.
Nice! This is best for when you’re still in bed. A great way to get the blood flowing in your Beautiful Morning without a workout routine. Ivy has her own style & I appreciate her uniqueness and her own spirituality she brings to Aura. I look forward to seeing/learning more from her. Gratitude goes out for her spirit & love. 💕
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