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Morning Affirmations

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Myrene Dickinson
Health & Behavior Hypnotherapist
You woke up and are ready to start the day -- Allow feelings of gratitude to wash over you and if within you praise God for another wonderful day on our planet. Simply immerse yourself in gratitude and look forward to the rest of your day.
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Set the Pace
As I opened my eyes, I welcomed this brand new day. This brand new day full of opportunities to grow and learn. This brand new day full of possibilities to love and be loved. As I recited these morning affirmations, I sensed my heart blooming with a smile. What I do today is what matters most. Therefore, I will listen for guidance in all moments. I will lean on loving awareness in all moments. I welcome all experiences that this day brings me. Grateful, I have set the pace to be my best self today and have the best day possible! Namaste🙏🏻❤️☮️
Good Morning ✌️
what a lovely way to start the day! i like this... thank you
I feel great today
This help me think of the positive things it helps me think of the small things that I am truly grateful for and I’m starting to see that I am worth it and that I am important and it’s not selfish to think of me or try to improve myself it makes me happy. It makes me at peace and it helps me to deal with things a lot differently, I hope I can carry this throughout the day especially when dealing with tough people to deal with in my life